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Just thought we would answer some questions before you asked them. Keeps us friends for life...

When do I pay my session fee?
Session fee payment is required at the time of booking your session to reserve your spot.
What if I have to reschedule?
The session fee is non-refundable but may be applied towards a rescheduled session within 6 months with a 24 hour cancellation. This does not extend the expiration date of a coupon or special.
How will I get to see my portraits?
When you schedule your session time, you will also be scheduling a 1 to 2 hour ordering appointment approximately a week after your portrait session. This ordering appointment is in our studio and you will be making your selections and placing your order at that time.You will be assisted by our experienced staff who have many years of experience in designing wall art and creating unique presentations for every taste and budget. You will be able to see your portraits projected to the actual sizes that you are considering and be able to compare images so there are no surprises later.
I have family out of town who want to order portraits. How can they look at them?
Let us know in advance and we can show portraits to them long distance at the same time you see them! This also works for our out of town clients!
Who should come to the portrait ordering appointment?
It is probably in your best interest for anyone having a financial interest in your portraits to be present. We find that many husbands have very strong opinions about the selection of portraits and select totally different images than their wives (much to their surprise)! When we project your portraits for you, you will be able to see them very large and be able compare and zoom in on each image. We will be able to show you custom cropping, brown tone and black and whites as well as making presentation and framing suggestions. Persons not present will not have the opportunity to examine the images up close.
Who should NOT come to the portrait ordering appointment?
Please do not bring sick children to the studio. We are blessed to photograph lots of tiny newborns and very pregnant ladies who can not afford to be made sick by another child! We work very hard to keep our studio safe for everyone. Infants 7 months and under are generally happy in arms at the ordering appointment and we love having them. Older infants (standing and walking), toddlers and bigger kids do not enjoy the portrait ordering appointment since the images don’t move and we are working in a darkened room talking big people talk. We suggest that you arrange for a babysitter. It is very hard for parents to enjoy the show when their child is bored and requires constant attention. If you are unable to arrange for child care just give us a call and we will be happy to reschedule a time that works.
Can I get portraits in black and white or brown tone?
All images are available in black & white, brown tone or color. We will be pleased to show you the different options on your images at your ordering appointment.
Can I order more portraits later?
Absolutely! ALL of your ordered images will be archived for your safe keeping at multiple locations at no additional fee. Non-ordered images will be held for an additional 45 days after your session date. After 45 days, due to storage constraints, non-ordered images will be discarded.
What forms of payment do you accept?
Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted. All orders must be paid in full at the time of placement or a payment plan will be arranged. Due to the highly personal nature of our business, all orders are non-refundable once full or partial payment is received.
Are there any other costs that I need to be aware of?
6% Florida sales tax is applicable on all orders unless shipped outside of Florida. We will add shipping and handling if any items need to be shipped.
How long does it take to get my finished portraits?
Please allow 4-6 weeks for your order to be processed. Your portraits are an investment and an heirloom that should not be rushed.
Miscellaneous answers....
All portraits 5X7 and larger are mounted and signed by Stewart or Susan Powers. If you wish to have images unmounted so that they can go in your personal family albums, just let us know at your ordering appointment and we will be happy to accommodate your wishes. All images remain the property of Powers Photography and are protected by federal copyright laws. Copying of any kind without permission is strictly prohibited. Prices are subject to change.