Powers Photography


Hello, and thanks for stopping by our site. We look forward to meeting you because the real beauty of being photographers is making new friends, making them blissfully, photographically happy and then staying friends for a long, long lifetime!
Stewart and I have been so blessed to share in the life histories of thousands of couples and families.
I guess we are supposed to talk about our credentials, there’s so much stuff, it’s almost embarrassing, but you can read the official stuff just fine on that page. You might figure out that we are overachievers. How about we’ll tell you a little bit about us as people. You might even like to hang around with us when we are not on the job!
Stewart loves bass fishing, caught a 13 pounder a few years ago and let it go. He has recently decided to learn how to fly fish! His I-Pod is loaded with 10,852 songs and he worked at a radio station in college. His favorite music genre is prog rock (complex orchestral rock). Photography chose Stewart when he was in high school when his homeroom teacher picked the red headed kid in the back corner with no camera or experience to be on the annual staff. Photography became his addicted passion and his talent landed him a job with the Davidson College, news bureau as a photojournalist, and that got stuff started. He loves really good red wine, traveling and having adventures (read: hot air ballooning, zip lining in the jungles and other nutty stuff) with friends!
I am crazy about animals, Stewart says that I am Snow White because all the animals come and gather around me (probably because I feed them!). I am a wild one on a snow mobile, preferably Utah snow…it’s softer! I am a registered licensed pyro technician and work on two or three major shows a years for FUN. I have graduated to wiring the shells into the firing panels….for someone who loves things that go KABOOM…it is almost a religious experience to be on the barge when these shows fire!
My garden is my happy place…you can pretty much find us, and any friends we can round up, at the end of the day listening to our cardinals, drinking a glass of that red wine. I have been told that you can find me in a crowd by listening for my laugh! I am the adventure instigator and am addicted to traveling with friends.
We look forward to hearing how we can make you blissfully photographically happy!