Powers Photography


When should I arrive?
We allow between one and two hours for your session depending on the complexity of the assignment. You do not need to come ahead of the session if you are simply changing a little one into a portrait outfit. If you are creating a family portrait is probably smart to come with everyone’s hair and make up done since the time required to do them at the studio may not allow sufficient time for the session. This applies for big peoples clothing also. Come dressed! If you feel like you will need extra time to get ready, please let us know so that we can allow the extra time in our schedule. We would love to accommodate your needs.

Is there anything I should bring?
Unless there is anything specific that is significant to you, do not feel as though you need to bring anything to the session. The majority of your session will focus on capturing the personality of your child and family however, we welcome any personal additions that you may want to bring. Some favorites are a sentimental blanket for a newborn shoot, a favorite toy for a toddler, or hats, scarves and accessories for any age.

I’m worried my child might not perform well…
We don’t expect little people to be anything else. We love the surprises that they bring us and in most cases they are the favorites in every session! Please don’t worry about how they are going to smile, if they are having a great time (and that’s our job!) the smile will be all over their body! You will almost never hear us use the word SMILE with children. We entertain and play and then their expressions are natural and radiant. If you have an extremely shy child or a little one with special needs, please let us know ahead of time so that we allow extra time and can be prepared for a great portrait experience.

If your child is not feeling well…
Please call and reschedule. We want great memories attached to this portrait session not an unhappy child. PLEASE do not bring sick children or adults to the studio. We photograph many tiny infants and expecting moms whose immune systems are very delicate. We know you are excited (and so are we!) to create and see your portraits, but waiting a few more days till everyone is well will keep everyone safe, healthy and happy!

My baby is teething ….
Please pre-medicate with Tylenol or Advil before you come in. If your little one is getting new teeth, Murphy’s Law says they will be hurting on portrait day! Unfortunately, if you give them the medication once you are here, it usually doesn’t take effect in time to help that day.